The Payload Team is focused on the design and development of a deployable payload for the rocket. The Payload Team consists of two sub teams; the mechanical team and the electrics team.

Mechanical Team:

The Mechanical Team is fixated on the payloads structure and flight system controls. The structure will consist of 3-D printed and foam components reinforced with carbon fiber. The glider will have the ability to retract its wings to an appropriate size that will fit into the rocket. The flight control systems will consist of a prop for additional lift and functional ailerons for a controlled decent.

Electrics Team:

The small size and weight requirements place a lot of pressure on the electronics to be tightly integrated. The electrics team faces the task of combining several discrete components such as the brush less motor controller, high power microprocessor, radio, GPS, sensor and control systems into a single board. Everything is being built from scratch on a custom PCB.
The software will integrate the mathematical control model with the board hardware, sensors, actuators and motor.